• Learning while busy (englisch)
    One of the classic topics I hear from people in 1:1s or in coaching sessions is the complaint that they have no space and time to learn new things. Here are a couple thoughts on this subject: You are not alone. In fact, this is true for pretty much everyone
  • The „We’re doing it in an agile way“ fallacy (englisch)
    Originally posted on LinkedIn in 2019 Please stop saying „We’re doing it in an agile way“ when you didn’t prepare a meeting constantly force people to stop working immediately so they can do spontaneous tasks for you don’t take notes of decisions don’t tell people your vision don’t care about
  • XLS Management vs. People Management (englisch)
    As a manager, how do you make decisions? Do you mainly base them on spreadsheets and then just pick the lowest or highest value, e.g. the cheapest product or the highest profit opportunity? Well, tough news for you: that’s what a machine can do and, boy, can it do it
  • The REAL reason why developers need Soft Skills (englisch)
    Developers like to code.All day, sometimes all night, too. Developers like playing around with things.New frameworks, yeah. New tools, whoopie.We like to see a one-liner have big effects, or a small piece of configuration dramatically change the behavior of a program.We look for that Arthur C. Clarke moment when „Any
  • You screwed up. Now what? 8 things professionals should do next (englisch)
    We’ve all been there:We missed a deadline.We promised something but didn’t keep the promise.We let a bug go to production. Sometimes the effects are just annoying, sometimes they may have a big impact for other people: If your deadline is „before that super important event“ and you miss it then,
  • How to deal with boring tasks (englisch)
    Over the years I’ve had some conversations with people in my teams about them feeling bored with their tasks. In my early days as a manager my natural reaction was something along the lines of „that’s why it’s called a job, not the fun-hobby-zone“, sometimes just in my head, sometimes

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